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Providing donated tablets across the UK to care settings. Helping to combat loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Tablets Against Loneliness

Tablets Against Loneliness is a national awareness and support campaign that uses donated tablets to help reduce feelings of loneliness. 

We have developed a framework helping care settings to obtain tablets and to better understand the value of video communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will also provide technical support to those supporting your patients and communities when required. 

About COVID-19

"Today I have introduced an 80+ year old lady to Facetime. Slightly smiling face She is a Hospice patient and with new visiting rules was missing her family. She was amazed and elated to see/speak to family on the iPad and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks for inspiring me"

The Black Country

This video highlights how Tablets Against Loneliness provided support the people across the Black Country.

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If your hospice, hospital or care home would like assistance with securing a small number of tablets from on of the organisations fill in this request form.

Tablets Against Loneliness Framework

    1. Read: How Hospitals, Hospices & Care facilities can use Skype to reduce loneliness during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
    2. Discuss how your care home, hospice, charity or hospital could support patients and the community with communication technology during the pandemic
    3. Think about how you might ask your local community and businesses to donate tablets.
    4. Phone the Digital Legacy Association on 0203 286 6812. We will provide over the phone support and help troubleshoot any potential hurdles.
    5. Write and public press release (to view a example PR click here)
    6. Request up to three loaned tablets from here
    7. Call the Digital Legacy Association for technical support during the campaign.

Further information

The COVID-19 pandemic is stopping many people in care homes, hospices and hospitals from seeing their loved ones. Tablets Against Loneliness provides donated tablets to care settings. Video calling can then take place between residents, patients and their loved ones. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a tablet or the internet. We are requesting that  businesses, organisations and members of community donate their used / unused tablets. These will be used in care settings across the country. Once you have contacted us we will put you in direct contact with the closest care facility to you that requires one or more tablets. 

Once donated, the Digital Legacy Association will help ensure that this extremely vulnerable group are able to stay connected to people who are important to them. Tablets will also allow those with dementia to access activities virtually reducing some of the weight of the lockdown.

To read about some of the recent donations made and the impact that the donations have been making click here

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